Free online video series with the world's leading scientists, doctors, and leaders will to rewire your brain for the better, which super-foods can help manage your body, how ancient eastern wisdom can increase your vitality, how to achieve your goals, how certain foods and herbs can increase your energy and experiential guided meditations which can increase the understanding of yourself and your surroundings.

Also included are free tutorials and interviews which reveal the deepest layers of your consciousness & potential.

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Your Hosts:

Amish Shah, Founder of Project:Yourself

I'm a serial entrepreneur with an expertise in ancient wisdom. I've studied 17 years about ancient wisdom and will share an ancient symbol which will get them into "alpha brain-wave" state which is the deepest of meditative states.

Puja Shah, Co-Founder of Project:Yourself

I will share my best guided meditations that help ease the mind and relieve stress.

Your Trainers:

1. John Assaraf, Brain Researcher, Serial Entrepreneur and star of The Secret

John will share his remarkable discoveries in the field of neuroscience, and simple ways you can work with your brain to be more creative, intuitive, empathic and abundant.

2. David Wolfe, Health, Eco, Nutrition and Natural Beauty Expert

Living up to his reputation as the Indiana Jones of superfoods, David will reveal the foods you should be eating (and avoiding at all costs) to nourish, heal and protect your body.

3. Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute

Bill, inventor of the world-famous Holosync meditation technology, will give you today’s best mind tools and ‘hacks’ for boosting your mind power, creativity, intuition and self-awareness.

4. Nassim Haramein, Physicist and Director of The Resonance Project

Dive into the mind-blowing world of physics, matter and energy with the legendary Nassim Haramein, as he reveals how to harness the building blocks of reality to elevate your life.

5. Pedram Shojai, Physician, Eastern Wellness expert and Founder of

Combining his decades of experience in Eastern and Western wellness, Pedram will equip you with refreshingly holistic tools and practices for elevating your mind, body and spirit.

6. Trupti Gokani M.D., Neurologist & Ayurvedic Physician

Discover Trupti’s fascinating world of mind ‘hacks’ and natural remedies for health and wellbeing - without drugs, surgery, or detrimental side effects.

7. Niraj Naik, Former Pharmacist turned Brain Researcher and Sound Healer

Learn the fascinating story of a pharmacist who healed himself of a chronic illness not with medication, but with meditation and brainwave entrainment technology.

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