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Watch this video to the end and find out how to reprogram your ‘Prosperity DNA’... so you can finally start manifesting abundant outcomes, people, opportunities and ‘coincidences’ into your life.

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Elevate Your Abundance On A Subatomic Level
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Here’s What You’ll Get In This 4-Part Digital Home Training Program:

Part 1: Introduction Videos

We’ll start with a set of Introductory Videos that will give you a strong foundation, and show you the basic do’s and don’ts of working with sounds and symbols.  

  • Your jaw will drop when I point out the weak spots in your current Prosperity DNA. In just a few minutes, this exercise will instantly show you what’s been holding you back all this time.
  • I’ll show you the crucial difference between lower wealth consciousness and higher wealth consciousness - and how to tell where you’re at right NOW.
  • And I’ll give you the FOUR key ingredients to success that all prosperous and fulfilled people follow (and sometimes they even do it without realizing).

Part 2: Harnessing The Vibrational Energy Of Sounds For Prosperity

Next, we’ll move on to core of the Prosperity Formula program: starting with lessons, exercises and tools for harnessing the power of SOUNDS.  

  • For instance, I’ll show you how to use the ancient art of Chanting to quickly, enjoyably and almost effortlessly reap the rewards of certain prosperity-boosting sounds.
  • You’ll also learn a bulletproof way to silence your mind like a Zen monk and consciously use sounds to ‘get in the zone’... no matter how busy, stressed, or overwhelmed you’re feeling. This exercise is great for just reconnecting with your deepest self when you need to be at your best, like before a big day at work or just before a meeting.
  • And I’ll even hand you some of my specially engineered Binaural Beats audio exercises to use when you need a dose of inspiration. This technology is fantastic! All you need to do is sit back, close your eyes and press play as these tracks - which sound like your favorite chill out music - instantly shift your brainwaves into the Alpha state of deep relaxation, intuition and creativity.

I have to say, the program is literally LIFE CHANGING "IF" and "WHEN" you open yourself up to allow change to happen. Some blocks and triggers will come up and it is in those pivotal moments where you make a conscious choice to work through and remove them from your life. When you do that, things start to flow in a beautifully smooth way.

It's actually amazing and magical! I love this program and I don't think I will stop doing it, not because I am only wanting to attract abundance (on all levels) and prosperity, but because I have connected with this so deeply. - Leyla Noor Hur

Can't believe how in the flow I am feeling these days. Once the block was removed, my energy has absolutely transformed.

The question I have is this: How could I have transformed it before? I was doing the work as best I could, and feeling OK, but not like now. - Brandon Walters

I cannot even begin to explain the gratitude I have at this moment. Things in ALL areas of life are coming together to create my intentions.

This journey has been one of laughs and tears....tears of gratitude. The gratitude just continues to grow. It's also been an enlightening journey of discovery. Thank you all, thank you!!!! - Carolyn Mcgregor Trinta

Part 3: Using The Hidden Power Of Symbols To Attract Wealth

In the next part of the program, we’ll move on to SYMBOLS. Here you’ll find many useful techniques and lessons you can use every day to get the most out of these shapes.

  • One of the first things we’ll do here is look at the exact vibrational effect certain symbols can have on your brainwaves - before guiding you through a set of brainwave exercises for reprogramming your Prosperity DNA.
  • I’ll also guide you through a powerful Sri Yantra meditation to help you squeeze the most juice out of the King of all symbols and even to “ask” the Universe itself for guidance.
  • Another fascinating exercise we’ll go through is how to use certain characteristics of Sacred Geometry to amplify the results you get with symbols.

Part 4: Combining Sounds & Symbols Into A Foolproof Prosperity Formula

In the final part of the program, I’ll help you COMBINE both sounds and symbols… into one holistic practice you can easily apply every day for even deeper results.

  • This is where I’ll plunge you into multi-sensory guided meditations that stimulate ALL your senses, and put your mind, body and spirit into a powerful CREATION MODE, where bending reality is as easy as tearing a wet napkin.
  • Plus, you’ll also get various tools like breathing techniques and mind training exercises designed to invoke both the power of visual and auditory at the same time…. with surprising results.

Yesterday I was a little worried about finances because a new client postponed & a payment for contract work hadn't come in yet (should have arrived last week). Instead of letting myself spiral down, I flipped to gratitude. I had plenty of cash in my wallet for the week, and money in my account. So, I breathed into that abundance, and let it go. Well, the contract payment was more than twice what I had expected it to be and the check arrived yesterday!

Wow, just wow. Shreeeeeeem!!! - Tracy Cherpinski

I got three job offers last week, and I start training for one of them on Wednesday. I got offered more hours at my current job. I have decided to be exclusive with my now partner, and I can't remember the last time I felt so strongly about someone.

Things feel like they're all coming into alignment and I am so, so grateful! Love and light to you all.

- Abigail Christens

I was a bit hesitant to go through Level 9 because I was believing it was the “end” – but when I did the final meditation I realised it’s only the BEGINNING to a whole new world – a whole new reality 😉 It brought tears to my eyes the joy I felt – thanks so much Amish for helping us unlock ourselves and a whole new reality I know deep inside that we all deserve. 🙂

- Marie O Neil

The decision you make today could change someone else’s life too.

Order the Prosperity DNA Activation Kit today and our publisher Deep Origins will donate 100% of profits from your investment to underserved communities worldwide.

The Shah Education and Exploration Foundation (SEEF) is a unique 501(c)(3) nonprofit that combines adventuring and philanthropy to help the people who need it most. SEEF provides crucial education and infrastructural developments to underserved communities surrounding historic ancient locations - including the indigenous communities surrounding Machu Picchu in Peru, and Dwarka in India.The beauty of this approach is in the chain reaction effect it creates: if we are able to provide education to even a small segment of a community, these efforts will organically replicate until the entire community’s knowledge is elevated.

Our ultimate goal is that through education, we will eventually create thriving, economically independent and sustainable communities around all of our planet’s historical landmarks, to the benefit of both these communities and the rest of the planet.


Order now and you'll also get this limited time bonus: a handpicked selection of other prosperity-boosting mind-body-spirit practices that don't necessarily fall into the sounds or symbols category - but have helped my students and I tremendously over the years. Like:

  • * A powerful sexual transmutation technique for channeling your raw sensual energy into achieving, influencing and standing out more in your career.
  • * A physical exercise for temporarily breaking the boundaries of space and time, and creating an "impossible" outcome when faced with a problem at work or at home.
  • * An advanced breathing technique that puts you into an instant state of allowing, clarity and heightened intuition.

Want this bonus module? Then hurry - it's only yours when you order the Prosperity DNA Kit today.

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If you decide not to continue, email us at within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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