Discover the secret "Reality Hacks" used by high-flying entrepreneurs, great thinkers, and legendary visionaries to manifest the impossible in their careers, finances, health, and relationships.

From dormant superhuman powers to ancient technologies to mind-blowing natural phenomena, this training session will empower you with the kind of profound abilities known only to a conscious few. . . so you can elevate yourself and the planet in these urgent times.


Amish Shah
Inc. 500 Entrepreneur & Reality Hacker

In this Online Training Session You'll Learn:

The "hidden" power of meditation that 9 in 10 mind enthusiasts have no idea exists: just follow these simple yet often misunderstood steps, and you’ll be using meditation not just to relax and focus, but to activate a switch in your mind that turns you into an unstoppable human creation machine.

The problem with diluted personal growth advice: why certain popular trends in the field of personal growth, spirituality, and mind power could be pulling you further away from your inner potential instead of closer to it. . . and how to break free from this trap. 

The most metaphysical rags to riches tale you’ll ever hear: how Amish Shah went from a broke newspaper seller. . . to a $5 million Inc. 500 entrepreneur, globetrotting ancient explorer, and blissful husband and father. . . all by persistently staring at a mysterious 12,000-year-old symbol his mom showed him as a kid.

What the ancient Egyptians knew about the human brain that scientists are only now beginning to discover. Could this organ be the doorway to manifesting mastery. . . and the elusive "higher state of consciousness" that many spend their lives searching for?

Why Nikola Tesla rejected every woman who tried to sleep with him: how history’s most brilliant inventor channeled the phenomenon of Sexual Transmutation to maximize his productivity, creativity, and inspiration (and how you can use it to supercharge your life too, without giving up sex).

An esoteric Sri Yantra deep dive mind exercise that taps you into the very fabric of the Universe. . . and channels an endless rush of clarity, creativity, and focus into your reality. This will become your go-to tool whenever you need to make a crucial decision, ace a presentation, or solve an impossible problem.

And a lot more. . .